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5 questions with guest interview

Hi my names Hannah and I have a lifestyle blog called Essence of Caffeine. I started my blog as a way to connect with people around the world who share similar interests to myself. I write about a lot of things from talking about coffee (surprise surprise) and books to writing about my travelling adventures! Some facts about me would be that I am in love with writing, reading, music and theatre. In the future I would most definitely want to write my very own novel and my dream is to one day travel the world!

1. How do you treasure a friendship with someone you don’t see very often? 

I have a friend who I’ve known for about 10 years now. I don’t see her very often because we both have very busy lives. I think the reason we are such good friends and still close even though we don’t see each other regularly is because we put effort to FaceTime and call each other. When anything exciting happens to either of us or we just need some cheering up we know that we can always call one another! We can meet up after not seeing each other for a year and it would feel like just yesterday we last saw each other. 

2. Mention a person you know who you think will catch a grenade for you. Why did you pick that person? 

My best friends (three people because I can’t choose one haha) because I know I can trust them with anything. They are always there for me no matter what and they constantly cheer me up whenever I’m feeling down. I think the reason I picked them is the fact that they are the only people I told about my blog and they supported me through it all. I didn’t want a lot of people knowing about it and they kept it on the down low for me. Also I show them my writing which is very personal to me and they are so supportive about it! 

3. How do you gain confidence doing something you’re really bad at? 

For me the best thing I did was know my worth as a person. Knowing your worth means that you would have self love and self forgiveness. Having those two key prospects, it’s a lot easier to gain confidence. If I were in the situation of doing something I was bad at, I would tell myself ‘Ok so you aren’t amazing at the certain thing you’re doing but that’s ok. You can only grow as a person from this and you might just need a little more practice then everyone else’. By doing so I gain confidence in  accepting I may not be amazing but that shouldn’t affect me. As long as I enjoy it, everything else doesn’t matter.

4. What do you think is the secret to a long-lasting love? 

The secret is underneath the love, the people would have a friendship. Being friends with someone and being in love with them would mean that you would both trust them and it would be easier to get through any difficulty’s that you would face along the way. 

5. Do you think a person will automatically change when they’re famous?

It all is based on what the person is like, personality wise. For the majority I would say yes. But I wouldn’t say it is the person’s fault for changing. Becoming famous would mean having a complete change of environment and atmosphere. You would be sacrificing your privacy, always settings a good example and sparing your free time talking to fans and the press. It would be a lot of pressure and very different from leading a normal life so as human beings who adapt to situations they are placed in, the person would naturally change. Sometimes it could be a bad thing (let’s say for instance they game could get to their head) however it could also be a good thing (you get to do the thing you love and have support of your fans which would instantly give you confidence in what you do).

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