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5 questions with guest interview

Daphne Reznik is the creator of the Free at 50 blog, which focuses on life after corporate, how to transition into professional freedom and resources to create income streams.  She has a diverse background having worked in state government, small business, and most recently, a large corporate entity. Her experience supporting businesses and leading a national staff training program, provided her with a skill set she is using to design a lifestyle as a blogger and to inspire others.


1. Do you have any regrets in life? How do you think your life would turn out had you chosen differently?

I can't imagine there's anyone being truthful and authentic that can say they have no regrets. That said, I have few and none are about the path I've chosen professionally.  I went to college with the intent to go to law school.  I wasn't loving that idea and ended up interning at our State Capitol at 19 and went right into work there after I graduated. Along the way my family left the midwest for Los Angeles.  Had I followed, I wouldn't have my partner in life (we met after he did a stint at the Capitol as well).  I stayed in politics until my mid-30s, then shifted to a small business. That came about through a friend whose friend owned the business. It was in Optometry. From there I went on to that practice's national organization. I ended my corporate life in Marketing after running a national staff training program for almost a decade. I am grateful I was surrounded by opportunities and that I grabbed the ones I did.

The path to "blogger" was full of twists and turns but I wouldn't trade it; as much as I cringe at the traditional 9-5, I've 1) gained a diverse skill set 2) met amazing people along the way. 3) have memories I could (and might!) write several books about.

2. What advice would you give to someone in his/her mid twenties?

I feel so "old" saying this but: save some money.  Invest some money.  Set up a 401K. The more you have on hand for emergencies or the time you want to strike out on your own in business, consulting or even blogging, the more stress-free the journey will be. But I will say this: I was surprised at how little money I actually need to live- of course the pandemic gave us all a taste of want vs. need right?

3. What’s the biggest obstacle of an aspiring entrepreneur in a pandemic?

For me, I'm not seeing anything specific to the pandemic; in fact, it's opened the world up to the idea of life, and business, online. I feel that there is a broader understanding of the value bloggers can bring to us all through connections, experiences and well-researched information. Being laid off due to COVID actually pushed me forward into entrepreneurship!

4. Have you or have you not achieved financial freedom? Why do you think so?

Absolutely not. I am only four months into blogging at this point and haven't started monetizing the blog.  The value of turning 50 the year I was laid off: I had the flexibility with money in the bank to take my time and explore how I wanted to move forward. After a few months of serious (and totally fun) exploring, including taking courses and piloting a consultation project with a small business, I landed on the blog as priority #1.  My goal is to start earning income later this year and the good news is because I took the time to strategize on other potential income streams, I have plans for income streams #2 and #3, should I decide to pursue them. 

5. Do you think both the rich and the poor should be given the same degree of expectation in terms of generosity? Why or why not?  

Absolutely. Every human needs generosity in some context. Whether it is financial to support someone struggling for food or shelter or emotional such as being understanding of a person's fears, health status or confidence level. Or something I've missed.  We all deserve someone somewhere to offer a hand, an ear, or at least some of their heart. 

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