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I’m Lauren from Wool of the King blog (https://www.wooloftheking.com) where I write all about lifestyle, travel and student life. I am currently in my final year of my Communication and Media degree at Bournemouth Univerity in the UK

1. What about being in your twenties did you look forward to the most while you were still a teenager? Have you accomplished it yet?

The main thing I had always looked forward to about becoming an adult was being able to travel and choose the kind of trips I’d like to go on. I have been to some beautiful places so far and hope to go to many more.

2. When you find yourself being jealous of someone, how do you shake it off?

I really try not to compare myself to others as we are all at different stages of our lives. So if I do find myself jealous of someone else, I remember that and remember how far I’ve come and what I have to offer.

3. How do you build momentum in whatever you do?

I think the key to building momentum is motivation and planning. It’s good to have a clear plan before going into anything and then you can build on whatever that is afterwards.

4. What is a trait you inherited from your father? Are you proud of it?

One trait I have inherited from my father is definitely the need to make other people laugh. I  have to be funny and try to cheer people up for validation. I don’t see that as a bad thing though.

5. How do you make the most out of a bad day?

If I’m having a bad day, I try not to be too hard on myself and hope that tomorrow will be better. I’ll also try to think of positives and things that I’m grateful for.


  1. I love these question style posts and finding more out about different bloggers! I also was excited to travel more as I became an adult x

  2. Love this, it's so cool to learn more about bloggers! x

    Caroline | https://envirolineblog.com/


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