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1. If you had a limited time to visit only one place between the following: waterfalls, mountains, or at the beach, where would you go and why?


It would have to be the mountains for sure. Then, waterfalls. Then, beach. Being that we are based in Minnesota,  you'd think we would only want warm weather. However, I just find beaches to be a bit bland. I love the ocean but beyond that, there isn't enough there to exhilarate me. I'm a bit more of a city person too. The mountains get my top choice because they offer the most opportunity to keep things interesting.


2. What particular travel experience you’ve gone to which was the most boring?


I'm the kind of person that believes any travel is better than no travel at all. I love seeing new things and try to make the most out of any trip. That said if I had to choose one location it would be when I travel to a small town in Iowa. I had a lot of fun as it was great to mix in with the "townies" and locals, but beyond that, it was pretty bland as can be.  


3. What’s your advice to traveling couples who are on a tight budget?


I'd suggest looking into travel credit cards to rack up rewards points. It's the same method that I used to travel hack my way to Japan, Netherlands, France, Italy and a handful of US destinations in the span of 6 months. I'm not talking rack up a bunch of credit card debt. I'm talking about having a sound strategy to maximize earning rewards points and then also maximizing using your rewards points. By playing the travel points game, you 


4. How do you create unique memories in places you’ve never been to without documenting it?


Writing them down, of course! Doing it directly at the moment for my travel blog, ViaTravelers. I find myself writing about cities when I'm on my way back or in-transit to a new destination. 


I think that everyone should have a travel blog as you can document your travel experiences and earn some extra money along the way. Everyone is on social media nowadays and a blog can be like a social media profile in a way, so why not do it? Plus, it can act as your own personal travel journal for you to look back on your experiences.


5. Have you ever tried making an enemy in one of your travels? How was the experience?


I have not tried that.


Hope you like it!


Kyle, ViaTravelers.com

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