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Hey all, I am Priyadarshini Agarwala, Personal development blogger at crystalsunfolded.in My journey as a blogger started at my twenties where I understood my passion for writing to express my thoughts and share out important things of personal growth. My life is all about being and becoming! I love to describe myself with these lines, Blogger by passion,Learner by interest, Enthusiast by soul and much more of Priya owned by her heart.


1. How do you deal with a bragger in school? 


A bragger in the school should be treated attended for that would make him/her happy and speak out more than ever. This will later trouble out them for when action prevails they are louder than words.


2. If you had the choice to pick between unlimited money and beauty that does not age, what would you choose and why? 


Unlimited money would be my priority for not because I am being greedy here. I am rather more realistic than ever. For money does my duties than alone beauty won't be able to carry out them all. My money would comprise of my happiness which is comfort food, lifestyle, success and beauty as well in my pockets.


3. What can you say about those who drag people with their misery? 


Those people who drag people with their misery are according to me negatively charged. For they carry forward negative vibes which includes unhappiness, unsatisfaction and more. It is life to them to just exist and not live life to the full.


4. Have you tried judging a person too quick before getting to know them? What made you label him/her as someone you don’t like? 


I personally hate when people judge anyone too quick but sad truth is in my initial years of career, I too have judge some people in a quick go. For the actions, behaviour to any circumstances lead the way to it. It trapped me to label him/her as someone whom I don't like.


5. What’s your favorite line of a philosopher and why?


"Live life to the fullest" is one of my favourite line of a philosopher. I go through these lines daily for it has so much of wisdom in it. Really, I feel my blessed and grateful to acknowledge such lines and have blissful life.

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