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Hello Readers,

I am Namee from www.nameewrites.wordpress.com

A media marketer by profession. I have been a diarist, poem writer, and storyteller ever since I can remember. I have ventured into my online journey with blogging recently.

When I am not working or writing, you will find me fixed in front of my TV playing Animal Crossing for hours. The game has taught me to love the idea of competing with myself day after day.     


1. What is the biggest obstacle between you and your dream job?

The job I am in checks most of the boxes. However, throughout my career, I have had an unflinching urge to contribute to people's lives in a more meaningful way.

I have identified the best way to do that is to LISTEN to people who are willing to speak.

I would love to just listen to people and tell their stories. That's nearly 7 billion + stories.

It's a dream project and I am trying to work on it. If anyone reading this would like to contribute with their story, please reach out to me via Instagram on my handle @nameewrites.   


2. In what circumstances does telling the truth bring more harm than good?

Very Interesting question. As kids, we are often thought that the truth does no harm and I feel that holds true in the long term.

But this long term is sometimes too long and may cost you an otherwise perfectly imperfect relationship that you may need at that stage of your life either to learn something or to grow.   

There are two circumstances where I feel the truth does more harm than good.

When its pre-mature or the revelation was an emotional outburst rather than a well thought through decision.

An incomplete truth – One with no closure or reason can haunt you for years on end. 


3. If it were your last day on earth, would you save the world as a hero or be with the one you love?

I cannot tell you how much I love this question. I have imagined this scenario in my head so many times especially in 2020.

If this was my last day on earth, I would save the world with the love of my life beside me. We would make a great superhero team.      



4. What do you think are teenagers afraid of the most?

I think most teenagers are afraid of not "being enough".

Being cool enough, or smart enough or different enough to survive this big bad world. 

Without being preachy I want to tell everyone reading this, that's it's okay if they feel the way they do. We all do and with time and patience, we learn to use our insecurities in our favour. So, there's no rush really. It's a 'one day at a time' situation.  


5. To what extent should one be stubborn in achieving his/her dreams?

If someone's dream and ambitions don't infringe upon the dream or ambitions of another. One should be very very stubborn.

Read that line again (with a pinch of salt).

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