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Jocelyn is a blogger from Orange County, California, and the creator behind Let God Today, where she posts things related to faith, fashion, and lifestyle. Jocelyn writes reflections and encouragements on Biblical scripture, travel itineraries, outfit inspiration and tips, and more on her Instagram (@letgodtoday) and blog (www.letgodtoday.com). 


1. How do you express your faith through fashion?

Faith is the one consistent part of my life that gives me direction and hope. As a Christian, I love my faith and believe strongly in what I stand for. Fashion is something I’ve always been passionate about ever since I was a young girl—I loved playing dress-up, trying out new fashion trends, and styling my friends. We are all beautiful as we are God’s creation and I try to radiate that through my outfits, keeping them classy yet fashionable. Many people enjoy looking at outfit inspiration, so I try to add some Biblical verses to the posts to encourage deep thinking and reflection. 


2. Why do you think people find it hard to surrender something?

There are many reasons why people may find it hard to surrender, but I think the main one is fear. As humans, we like being in control of things and knowing what will happen next. We may be attached to a specific outcome, object, idea, person, etc; and we are scared that if we don’t obtain them, things will not go according to plan and may result in disappointment or dissatisfaction. But it is vital that we are able to learn to let go and release ourselves from the stress. To surrender means to accept what life is giving us and having the faith to believe and trust the process. 


3. What can you say about those who measure people’s worth according to their mistakes?

It is natural to want to measure people’s worth according to their mistakes and blunders. But we all make mistakes! It is part of the learning process. We need to realize that the mistakes don’t define the person, but they can allow the person to grow and develop if they learn to embrace the mistakes. Our self-worth is based on who we are at the core—our values and purpose in life. It shouldn’t be based on our appearance, academic performance, status in society, or even our mistakes. 


4. How do you discipline yourself in terms of committing to your working schedule?

To discipline myself, I try to make a schedule and a to-do list every day. That way it is easier to have a list of everything that needs to be accomplished and not lose track of what my goals are. It is perfectly okay to get sidetracked every now and then; but once you are in the working zone, try to get rid of distractions that may be around you. 


5. Do you agree with people with the same religion as you to impose their beliefs on others? Why or why not?

Everybody has a right to have their own beliefs and opinions, especially when it comes to religion. I don’t think it correct to impose beliefs on others or to criticize others for not seeing things the same way as them. It is important that we all respect each other’s beliefs even if we don’t necessarily agree with them. But there’s nothing wrong with sharing what you believe with others and discussing it with them if they are interested!


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