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Hi everyone! I’m Cyan from ‘Cyan’s Feed’ blog and @cyansfeed on Instagram. I’m pretty new to blogging, my niche is basically teenage lifestyle/motivation as I am a teen myself. As far as an introduction goes I’m not completely sure what to say but I’m also a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan (if that counts for anything lol). I hope you enjoy my interview with Monique and be sure to check out my page! Have a great day :) 


1. How do you regain your motivation?

take a break. If I’ve lost my motivation in the first place it’s usually because I had one negative thought and started spiraling. The best thing for me to do is to take a break and focus on something else until I regain a positive mindset and I can concentrate on whatever is that caused me to lose my motivation without that happening again.  

2. Who do you see clapping for you after receiving     a great achievement?

My entire family. My parents and my brothers are my biggest supporters. They’ve been there throughout everything I’ve done.

3. What is your biggest fear of oversharing your secrets to people?

My biggest fear is that they will turn on me and use it against me or that they will only be able to associate me with that one thing and hold it over me forever.

4. What is a disadvantage of social media that you’ve experienced first-hand? 

Fortunately, I have not had any particularly bad experiences on social media because I make sure to choose the people I follow wisely. However, every now and then I’ll find myself comparing some aspect of my life to someone else’s.

5. How would you know if you’re last in life and what do you do about it?

For me to be last in life, that would mean that I have no friends, no family, a job that I hate or no job at all. I would basically just lead a very lonely and negative life. If I was to change this I’d try to find some joy somewhere, whether it be to change my job (or get one) or find a friend and continue expanding on the joy and friendships being formed.

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