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5 questions with guest interview

Hiya, I’m Caroline from www.envirolineblog.com and I’m in my first year of uni studying environmental science. My blog is about spreading awareness about the environment and mental health, specifically eating disorder recovery.

1. Have you ever thought about inventing something useful for the environment? If yes, what would it be?


Not really, I’d love to create some sustainable clothing but that’s a long way off yet.


2. Do you think everyone should be a minimalist? Why or why not?


I think everyone should do what makes them happy. I do like the idea of decluttering your wardrobe as long as you get rid of the stuff in a sustainable way. A lot of clothes end up in landfill so I think that it’s important to make sure they are rehomed or maybe you could upcycle them into something else.


3. Would a good time for you entail walking outdoors or being comfy in bed?


Definitely being comfy in bed, especially if my cat Monty is there too! I love to make a cup of tea, get into my pjs and read a good book.


4. Is there a career choice you didn’t venture in because of financial difficulty?


I don’t think so.


5. What are some of the ways teenagers do to mitigate the effects of noise pollution?


I don’t think that teenagers are at fault for all noise pollution even though that may be their stereotype. It might depend on what neighbourhood they live in. But one way to reduce noise is to wear headphones / earphones instead of listening to music on a loud speaker.



I hope these answers are ok, thank you so much for having me on your blog!


Best wishes,

Caroline from Enviroline Blog

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