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5 questions with guest interview

Hii there! Let me just quickly introduce myself! I go by the name Ekna on instagram, and I am a self thaught digital artist! I live in the Netherlands and am currently 22 years old, but I started posting on instagram when I just turned twenty. Even though art is my passion, I'm studying to become a molecular neuroscientist (sounds very difficult but it's not really), basically I work with braincells and proteins/enzymes within those cells. 

1. What’s a virtue people lack nowadays that you continue to practice? 

Don't really know if you can call this a virtue, but taking breaks when you need it and not until the work is done. I've suffered from a panic disorder due to too much stress from everything I needed to do and never took breaks. I simply switched between tasks and said that was my break. Turns out that's not how it works. So I had to learn how to take breaks which made everything so much better, and I feel like that many people would benefit from taking real breaks too. Especially those who work for themselves (like writers, artists and contentcreators). 

2. In what situations do you think you’re left with no choices? 

I often feel like I HAVE to do something, like I have to study now or I fail my exam. But do you really have to make your exam? Only if you WANT your degree. You don't have to do anything, there is always a choice. You just need to remember that you already chose it.

3. Do you think all successful people follow a strict daily routine all their life? Why or why not?  

No. I do think routines help, but I can't imagine successful people never change things up. There are always factors out of your control. And I even feel like that the people who have clear and productive minds don't even need to follow routines. If your mind is messier (like minr) routines help getting more productive. But feeling like you need to strictly follow one can only get in your way, as you can't control everything. 

4. If you were to interview a global business tycoon of your choice, who would you choose and why? 

It's not really a business tycoon, but I would want to speak to some of my favourite digital artists (ToshiaSan & Nadiaxel) and just discuss what their artprocess looks like, what they struggle with and how they are trying to improve. 

5. Would you rather be in total lockdown for straight 6 months if it meant getting your life back to normal by the end of the year? Why or why not?

Oh definitely a yes. I'm an introverted person, and honestly my panic disorder really benefited from not having to go to all social events. I know a lot of people suffer in lockdowns, and I'm not saying I want this forever. But if we can get rid of it by just staying in a strict lockdown for half a year I would do it 100%!!! (But of course if the whole world went into strict quarantine for 14 days it would even be over sooner)

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