Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines


Hi! I’m Maisie and I am the writer of @thewallflowerblog_ on Instagram! I am 18 years old and study Media at university.


I am currently creating my own blog online about the ins and outs of my new uni student life, along with some lifestyle extras added to the mix. I am super excited about writing my very own blog so keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram for the launch!

1. What’s an opportunity that you missed because of your fear? If you were given the chance to turn back time, would you take that chance now?


Hmm, this one is a tricky one, mainly because all of my fears are irrational! I was given the opportunity to go indoor sky diving once upon a time. However, I am deathly afraid of heights and refused to go. I still haven’t done it to this day and probably won’t take the chance since I wouldn’t say flying/falling is the most appealing thing on my agenda currently!


2. How often do you pressure yourself to do something productive? 


I love being productive when it comes to hobbies and meeting up with friends. But I am the worst for productivity whilst working! I am a procrastination queen, to say the least, and no matter how hard I try, I find it really difficult to sit down and do work that I don’t want to be doing.


3. What’s your message to those who overwork themselves? 


Well done for working so hard, you must be super passionate about whatever you’re doing! But at the end of the day, you definitely deserve a break. Everyone deserves time for rest and relaxation, the time to just appreciate who and what they have around them. Especially during the pandemic when we’ve really had time to appreciate the little things. Learn to sometimes take things slow and take in your present surroundings, life is short.


4. When do you feel the ugliest? What do you do to get out of thinking that way? 


I’ve recently taught my brain to get out of this mindset, that human bodies are unique and perfect in their own ways. Your view of ugliness could be someone else’s view of perfection. We only have one body to live in whilst we experience this thing called life, we should definitely learn to not be as hard on ourselves as some people are to their bodies. There is no set level of perfection and if everyone looked the same the world would be a very boring place. Take the time to appreciate your body and yourself and don’t be so hard on yourself, we are our own worst critic.


5. Have you found yourself becoming the person you hate? What happened afterward?


Honestly, I haven’t, hatred is a very strong emotion and one I do not take lightly when thinking about myself or others. We are only human after all, humans make mistakes, I have made mistakes in life, small things like forgetting my homework, being late, or burning the food I’m cooking but that’s who we are. Those things shape us into the people we become in the future. I don’t hate myself for it, it’s just another chapter in my life.

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