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5 questions with guest interview

Hi, I'm Taylor, a 25 year old influencer (more like shopaholic) from Ontario, Canada! I have a very quirky and goofy personality which I love to reflect in my Instagram captions full of terrible puns and jokes that usually only I laugh at! I currently work in Marketing, but used to be a Wedding Planner and was even the host of my own radio show once upon a time! I love exploring the world, I love the outdoors and I absolutely love clothing and expressing myself with an outfit! I'm a chatterbox, open book, dance anywhere to the music in my own head, kind of girl and I am beyond grateful to be able to have a voice on social media platforms and meet so many incredible people through them! Thanks so much Monique, for letting me be apart of this!

1. When traveling outside the country, do you prefer the crowded or remote areas? Why?

When I travel outside of the country, I like to try to stick to the more remote areas. While I do enjoy exploring the big tourist locations too, there's something so special to me about finding a hidden gem. I love exploring the untouched or uncorrupted places so that I can experience them in their more natural state. I find it to be more peaceful and personal.

2. What has changed with your habits since the lockdown?

During lockdown, I've been one of the luckier ones, as I am still able to work. So I've kept up pretty well with my work routine. I have however, noticed that I've started to make some more time for the simple things and self care. More baths, more tea, more relaxing, more time spent with those within my bubble and a much better skin care routine. I think lockdown has definitely taught me to slow down a little and focus on the smaller joys in life, so that's changed my self care habits a lot. I also live in comfortable clothes now!

3. What‘s your initial response when someone confronts you unexpectedly?

I personally love confrontation, so when someone calls me out on my BS or confronts me about something, I welcome it. I've always loved those say it how it is type of people. I would rather someone be honest and open and say things straight to my face so that we can communicate and work through whatever the issue may be. I am a big believer in proper communication and think it is such an important part of life, so I have absolutely no issues with unexpected confrontation!

4. How does your social media following affect your daily routine?

As I've continued to grow on social media, I've noticed that it becomes more of a full time job. Working with brands, creating and capturing content, keeping up engagement, and staying active and present online are certainly no easy tasks and are very time consuming. Although, that being said,  I am very grateful for the opportunity and the following that I do have. So I guess having to spend more time on socials is a new part of my daily routine. I just make sure that I also spend time off of my phone and stay present in the real world as well and make sure that I have a good healthy balance of both in my day.

5. What can you say about people who still choose to buy a luxury bag even when they’re drowning in debt?

While I dont advise it and do suggest paying your bills first, I also can't argue it. I am all for whatever brings people joy. Sometimes we need a small win or happy moment in life, and if that is what brings them that happiness, than I am happy for them. At the end of the day, however they choose to spend their own money is completely up to them. 

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