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5 questions with guest interview

Jenna and Sophie are two 20-somethings who founded, and host, the My Twenty Somethings Podcast. They are presently completing undergraduate degrees in business, and social media marketing. The pair have been friends for almost a decade and bond over their mutual love for wellness, healthy living, and personal growth. Now, they bring their candid conversations to your screens with bi-weekly episodes discussing everything they wish someone had told them before entering their twenties. They are so excited to be featured on Life Begins At Twenty

1. How do you respond to people who switch the story and make you look like the bad person?

We take a big-ass deep breath and try to center our feelings before we react. We make sure that we have a grasp on our emotions, and recognize that they don’t know our full story. If we have the opportunity, we will try to correct them in a calm, cool, and mature manner. Most importantly, we try not to put so much emphasis on what they’re saying because we know our truth. As Dr.Seuss perfectly described: those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

2. How do you make yourself stop feeling guilty of the misfortunes of other people?

Guilt is a short-term emotion and doesn’t doesn’t do any good unless converted into compassion and used as a catalyst for action. We believe that correcting injustices and inequalities in this world is everyone’s responsibility. For us this podcast is a platform that can give voice to those who were previously shut out of the conversation.

3. What do you consider as the magic in the real world?

We consider the power of women who use their skills to make real change in their environments. We are currently so inspired by the healthcare workers who are actively creating miracles every day. In short, human contribution to society is pretty darn magical!

4. How do you respond to someone clearly imitating your content and actions?

We see this as a compliment! When someone takes your content as inspiration we believe it means that they see the same value in the work as you do. Remix culture means that original thought no longer exists. All new ideas are merely just improvements.

5. What can you say about saving more and spending less?

This is something we are currently trying to navigate ourselves. It’s definitely hard in your twenties to manage your finances independently. Our best tip is to avoid impulse purchasing by letting things remain in your cart for a few days before clicking “confirm order”. This will help ensure that you are buying things that will really be a worthwhile purchase.

6. What are your thoughts on the dilemma between chasing that dream and waiting for that dream to come to you?

We are big advocates that there is no “perfect time” to start chasing your dreams. You have to take a risk and work for your dreams because they’re not magically going to come true. You are responsible for putting in the work, sweat, and perseverance to make them your reality. Take this as your sign to start now, the possibilities are endless. 

7. What type of problems do you answer in your podcast?

Our mission is to prevent our listeners from saying “I wish I knew that in my twenties''. We aim to be the big sister you may never have had. We answer everything from how to manage your finances to dealing with online dating… we speak to it all. 

8. Would you be willing to lose a few friends if it means a chance to succeed?

Hmm, this one’s tricky. Our best answer is that while friends may come and go from your life (which is natural and absolutely ok), they never should be valued as stepping stones to personal success. Personal successes are always more enjoyable when you share it with the people you love.

9. What’s an issue you’re having difficulty talking about in your podcast?

Because we have been friends for so long is it very easy for us to be vulnerable and authentic while recording. It just feels like we are letting our listeners into our pre-existing relationship instead of creating a new one. As we have been so open while recording, we haven’t come across a topic that we are struggling to talk about… yet. However, we’re only 20 and haven’t completely discovered our individual zones of genius. That’s why having guest mentors on the show, who are experts in their field, helps us give our listeners the advice we don’t have the words for.

10. If you were to choose between never being ill but locked up in your house and sickly but free as a bird, what would you choose and why?

If quarantine has taught us anything about staying in the house, it’s that our health is, and must always be, our priority. Although it may be dull at times, we have found creating ways (including the podcast) to make it enjoyable. Therefore, we prioritize our, and other’s, health over all else.


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