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Hi,  we are Vivian and Sairah, the owners of @Iridescent.photo.blog 


Our blog focuses on the sweet and bitter sweet moments of a teenage life , whilst also having a variety of content such as beauty and fitness, photography and fashion and advice.  We also hope to spread awareness about global issues and those within society, meanwhile also sympathising with the upcoming generation and nurturing them into coming to terms with their worth, without conforming to the standards of a modern day society. We want to empower people! 


1. What makes you disobey your parents? 


I don’t really disobey my parents much, only when it comes to things I’m passionate about. Most of the time, they won’t like it but I do it anyways and then they will get mad, but at the end of the day, they understand why I did it even though they don’t like it.

2. Do you think you can survive a week without the internet? Why or why not? 

I think I can survive a week without internet because no matter how much I love binge-watching Netflix and texting my friends, there’s so much more that I could do. Plus it would be a lot better for my eyesight. I love reading and instead of texting my friends I can go out to meet them. It’s nice to not have internet for a while, but it gets too addicting when it’s here.

3. Was there a time when you chose not to talk back even when you were right? 

Yes! I do that quite a lot with my friends because if I start talking back, then I know it would just fuel the argument. It does hurt but I guess I just have to push it down. Of course I don’t do it all the time, because there are days when I’m just not having it and I will prove my point because I’m right and they can’t attack me for proving my point. 

4. What can you say about the issue on students committing suicide due to stress brought by online classes? 


Schools should be responsible for student’s mental health, especially during the period of lockdown because it’s very stressful for young people especially when they’re stuck at home all day, every day. The schools need to do better, driving students to death bought by stress is outrageous. 

5. As a teenager, how do you cope with puppy love?


I haven’t experienced puppy love, but personally I think it’s so adorable. I guess, when they break up it would hurt, but remembering all the good times, it’s really cute! 

6. Would you go against your values to be accepted by a new circle of friends?


I definitely wouldn’t want to go against my values and change who i am in order to be accepted, I strongly believe that If people don’t appreciate who you are, you shouldn’t change to fit their standards.


7. What’s something you’re struggling right now amidst the pandemic? 


Mental health is the biggest struggle for me, especially because the UK is going into lockdown for a month or so, I hate the feeling of being trapped at home. But I’m trying to find ways to deal with my anxiety 🤍 


8. Do you consider yourself a good friend? 


Yes, I mean I’d hope other people see me as one too, of course I am human and I make mistakes but I love all my friends, even if we have disagreements sometimes.


9. Would you be willing to slow down time or read minds? Why?  


I think I’d rather slow down time, it really does go by too fast and now thanks to corona I don’t think I’m fully enjoying my teenage years at all :(. Also reading minds seems a little too intrusive


10. How do you resolve misunderstandings with your parents?


If I’m being honest, this is a difficult one for me because I’m bad at communicating well with my parents. But I think just talking to them and explaining your side of it, once everyone has calmed down is one of the best ways to approach it.




Sairah and Vivian

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