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5 questions with interview

Hello! My name is Heather Dalgleish and I am one half of the editorial team behind In Full Bloom Magazine, nicknamed Bloom for short! I am a journalism and politics student in sunny Scotland, but I would say I am more of a lifestyle writer at heart. I turned 21 in May (Gemini and proud!) and am originally from Preston in England. I love animals with my whole heart, and you can often find me doodling, dancing round the beach, drinking prosecco, or partying with poodles, literally.


1. What is the most special gift you’ve ever received from someone?

I really am not sure as I’ve been blessed with a large amount of sentimental gifts as I have got older which I really couldn’t choose between. My best friend made me a wonderful gift jar full of memories, my boyfriend bought me a print of the stars over the place we started dating, I was recently given jewellery from my grandma who died a few years ago, it’s really hard to pin point an exact gift that was the most special, because I couldn’t say in any way.


2. Would you consider yourself a good listener? Why do you say so?

I would say I am a good listener; I pick up on what people say and it sticks with me for a while afterwards, and I will continue to think and reflect for a while afterwards. I feel like when studying journalism, you have to know how to ask the right questions and listen properly, so you can get the best out of your interviewee. I think making sure you understand exactly what someone means or says really is the key to being a good listener, because you should never be afraid to ask questions!

3. How would you tell a devastating truth to a loved one?

I guess I would have to properly sit down with them, endless cups of teas and reassurance, and just tell them straight. Even though you are probably hurting a lot too at the outcome, you want to make sure you are there to hold them too since it’s their first time hearing the news. Luckily, I have never had to do this before, but I can understand how hard it is for the teller to crush someone’s hope.


4. While you’re in the brink of failure, what is the first thing you think about?

I would love to say solutions, but that just isn’t me. I guess I think to myself the worst situation that could happen, and then realise the worst possible situation really isn’t that bad, and there are almost always ways you can get around it when you are stuck in the failure. I guess this kind of makes me go for the task at hand and give it my best shot, so if the worst happens, I’m prepared and ready. It helps keep me grounded, but in many ways makes me feel kind of sad that I always turn to the worst, so I’m aiming to break this cycle.

5. What is your message to late bloomers?

I would say don’t worry, you will eventually come into your element in ways you could only imagine. Blooming doesn’t have to follow timelines, or conform in stereotypical ways you expect, it only takes you to come into your element and you have blossomed, whether that be in looks, personality or finding out something important you were searching for. Don’t panic, it will come eventually, and you will understand more than anyone that was your time.

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