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5 questions with guest interview

Hi there! I’m Diana, a lifestyle, travel and wellness blogger. As a blogger, I enjoy sharing a wide range of helpful content on my blog in hopes to empower, inspire and bring value to the lives of anyone that comes across it.

Outside of blogging, I’m a thrill seeker that loves anything to do with fun, trying new things, and living for experiences. Aside from blogging, I am passionate about travelling and hope to make a positive difference to those I come across.

1. Have you had trouble loving yourself? If yes, why?


For many years, I had trouble loving myself. I actually hated myself for a few years. Growing up, I had my family tell me I was stupid and useless, causing myself to see no worth in myself. However, in the past few years, I’ve been doing a lot of unlearning, healing and today there is no one I love more than myself J


If there is one thing I would say about love, it would be that self-love is the most important type of love. It’s the foundation of a happy and healthy life/relationship with yourself and others.


PS. check out my post 10 ways to practice self-love on my blog to read more about self-love!

2. How do you compose yourself in front of haters?


As much as we all wish to be admired by everyone, we all have ‘haters’ and people who will try to drag us down.


How I deal with people who ‘hate’ on me is by working even harder to show them that they’re wrong. Instead of wasting my energy on being upset, I focus on those who support and uplift me. It’s really important to surround yourself around those who accept you and support you.


Often, those who belittle and hate on you struggle with a type of insecurity or may even be jealous of your capabilities, so instead of letting haters discourage you, continue growing your self-love and confidence and show them YOU GOT THIS!

3. When is the right time to fight back?


To me, the right time to ‘fight’ back is when someone is doing something that is harmful to someone else such as saying rude remarks and hateful comments. It’s also standing up for what is right and what you believe in.


Rather than fighting back, it’s best to talk in a calm manner and educate the individual as sometimes some people don’t know what they’re saying is hurtful or wrong.

4. If you were to choose a place to feed homeless children, where would it be and why?


If I were to choose a place to feed homeless children, it would be either California or New York as these states have high rates of child homelessness. In areas with high rates, more help is needed, so I would go there to feed homeless children.

5. What’s a goal in your life that’s almost coming true?


One of the goals I am working towards right now is becoming a full-time blogger. I hope to escape the 9-5 life and be my own boss. My dream has always been to travel the world and live abroad and although it is not almost coming true, I know it WILL one day.


I believe with hard work, consistency and persistence, I will get to where I want to be in life. I believe that anything you wish for you can achieve once you put your mind to it!


Thank you Monique for featuring me in your blog and thank YOU for taking the time to read more about me!


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