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5 questions with guest interview

Ally Gibson is the creator behind the travel blog Ally Travels. She’s a New Yorker, who left the city in search of adventure while traveling around the world. You can follow her adventures on her blog, or by following her on Instagram @allytravelsofficial.

She shares valuable tips, explores other cultures, and pushes her boundaries in far-off places. And, most shockingly, she does it all while living out of only two suitcases!

1. When traveling, do you give more importance to the documentation or living in the moment? 

I always try to focus more on living in the moment. I think traveling is so special because in a lot of ways it forces you to be more present. 

That said, now that I have my site, I try to make more of an effort to take more photos and videos. I’m hoping to keep it pretty balanced because I love being unplugged while experiencing new places. 

2. How was your experience when you first traveled out of the country? Did you stick to your itinerary?  

My first time out of the country was when I was 5. My family moved to the small Caribbean island of Saba, so it was a bit atypical of most people’s first time outside the country. It certainly gave me the travel bug at an early age. 

Generally, I tend to like to explore without an itinerary. I’ll plan one or two must-do things, then just let the day unfold however it’s meant to. I’ve made a lot of wonderful friendships and found a lot of under the radar spots exploring this way. 

3. Would you still travel even without bringing a phone or a camera? Why or why not? 

Absolutely, travel is one of my all-time favorite things, even without technology. I think I would be a tad lost without my GPS directions on my phone, but figuring it out would be part of the adventure. 

4. What’s your message to those who want to travel but have not enough money? 

Find small changes to start saving money, like making your own coffee at home, or cooking more. Little things like that add up!

Plus, there are tons of spots where you can travel that offer deals, especially if you go during non-touristy seasons. 

5. If you were given the opportunity to migrate to another country for free for your entire life, but you will be banned in your homeland forever, would you accept it? Why or why not?

I’d be pretty tempted to accept it, though I don’t think I could permanently be away from New York City. It will always be home to me. 

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