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5 questions with guest interview

Hello! My name is Violeta. I am a 20 year old girl living in Norway, but with a large amount of my family from Argentina. I run the account Justlenotre. Justlenotre means "just ours" in french as I wanted to create a space where likeminded can gather. I am a student, and a part time worker. My passion is everything and anything creative. I love to write, and to paint. 

1. How would you describe your quarantine life? 

I am from Norway, and here we havent really had lockdowns. The only thing we have dealt with is having continous restrictions from the beginning. Not hugging eachother, not gathering more than five people at the time, etc. In the beginning in March I remember feeling very scared. All of a sudden my chest felt super tight every evening and it was all due to the uncertainty of the situation. My boyfriend and I became a couple in April and moved in together in july. So I feel like I was lucky not being alone. Also getting to know him some months before everything started closing etc really helped. To sum up I would say I have been bored, at the same time as I have been thankful and creative with my time. I started my instagram account Justlenotre due to Covid! 

2. What is something that can instantly ruin your day? 

I dont think many things could ruin my entire day. I would say that bad attitudes or being surrounded with people who for some reason are bored or grumpy is something that can affect me a lot. Also if I have something planned out that I am excited to do and it doesnt happen, that can ruin my day since I hate wasting my time and being dissapointed. 

3. Have you ever dreamed about living the perfect life one day? Are you living it now? 

I have dreamt of that! I dream about that all the time. I think there is no such thing as the perfect life, but everyone have their own idea of what "perfect" might be to them. For myself I dream about living in the perfect house which for me is a house with history where I can fit all my family so that my home will be where we all gather in holidays or just to hang out. I also want (a lot of) children. Career-wise I am still too unsure to even know what to dream about, but secretly dreaming about carrie bradshaws job in sex and the city.. 

4. What is something you’re really good at that makes people jealous? 

This is a tough question. I dont think I make people jealous. I guess some of my friends might have been jealous that I dare to travel by myself, and that I meet new people easily. I went backpacking through Greece for three months when I was 19 and I know for a fact a lot of my friends felt jealous at that time, haha! I love to paint, but I dont think I am good enough for people to be jealous, except for my sister, she def texts me that she gets jealous of my painting! 

5. Thoughts on “fake it till you make it?”

Do it! I think it is a great way of showing yourself that you can adjust and do whatever you want to if you give it time! That being said, I am the queen of underestimating myself. It is a bad trait in me where I will talk myself down to others so they dont expect alot from me, and then prove them wrong. I hate the thought of someone being dissapointed in me, or the thought of not being able to do something as good as I want it to be done. Therefore I often play it down to then wow them. 


  1. Another lovely interview! I love the way Violeta sees things!

    Amber | The Unpredicted Page | https://theunpredictedpage.com

  2. I really like reading this interviews and meet different people! Thanks for sharing, Monique! x

    1. Awesome! I hope you get to read all of my interviews haha! I have a lot more in store for you.