Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

5 questions with guest interviews

I’m Brittany and I’m a minimalist lifestyle blogger who focuses on intentional living & other self improvement lifestyle topics. I have always had a passion for writing and finally decided to pursue my passion during quarantine. 

 1. Thoughts on minimalism? 

Minimalism changed my life for the better. I realized I spent so much time having objects define who I was as a person. And I constantly wanted more and better things. I think society teaches us to let material items fuel our motivation. By living less & focusing on experiences and relationships, I became more content and happier. I always ask people, when you leave this Earth, what do you leave with? And that really changed my mindset on life. 

2. When making decisions, do you find yourself listening more to your mind or heart? Which one prevails and why?

My heart dictates a lot of my decisions & I realize that can be a problem. I think the key is to have a balance between thinking with your mind or heart. Both are good depending on the situation.

3. What can you saying about the saying, “What is beauty if the brain is empty?” 

In a society that revolves around physical appearance on social media & showcasing these picture perfect lives, it’s easy to forget beauty is found within personality and knowledge, which we all should strive for. Beauty fades, so it’s more important to never stop learning and to be a kind person.

4. How would you differentiate the thin line between being confident and being arrogant? 

I always thought if I felt confident in myself I would come off as being conceded. And I think my lack of confidence lead to me being bullied at a young age. I’ve found to not be ashamed of being confident and if people think I’m being stuck up or arrogant, that’s their problem because that is never my intention. 

5. How do you appreciate what you have when you have lost so much?

It’s a change in perspective really. I think you can always find the good even in the worst days. This year for example has been so difficult and upsetting but I decided to focus on the simple things like my family, friends and good health. And that mindset has made it feel better. It has been a year of growth & I know brighter days are in the future. 


  1. Such a great post! It is always fun to know more about a blogger that you follow :)

  2. I love these types of posts, where you find out more about the bloggers behind the blogs. Brittany is right, we often focus too much on material possessions rather than life experiences, which are worth so much more x