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5 questions with guest interview

I am pursuing my multiple passion through Blogging, Podcasting and sharing positivity and wisdom through my words. I am on a journey of self – love and spreading the same with others too. 

No doubt, since I am writing I could able to change myself in many ways and believes that continuous learning and personal improvement is Key. I am passionate about creating a good and happy life for myself and others as well.   

1. If you were engaged now, which of the three would you prioritize? A house, baby, or marriage?

This is an interesting question!! I guess If I were engaged now then marriage would be my priority. For me, the first and greatest commandment is LOVE. I believe words are just words if we can't show our love through our actions. And marriage create strong, committed and healthy foundation for the happy future life.

2. What do you look for in a man? Why?

Faithfulness may be one of the most important characteristics I look for in a guy . A really nice, sweet one. Someone emotionally honest and strong, humble, respectful, funny,  adventurous, family kind off a person,
INTELLIGENT (I get attracted by the intelligence of a person more rather than his appearance.) I am passionate. So he should be my happy pill to encourage me to be at my best.
And finally, a best friend to travel all around the world. And I admire to be a couple that can be there for people and to give back something meaningful to the society.

3. To what extent should you extend your patience? When do you stop giving chances? 

Actually It depends on a person. Frustration Happens. Every morning, every night , every single hour there are plenty of good reasons to be impatient. Rejection, Disappointment , Failure are supposed to be a part of our lives. And by now I must say that I have learnt how to keep patience and understand different situations accordingly.

I would say Patience is a not a program or object to develop instantly, it's a kind of indirect feeling, We cannot get patience directly by being something or behaving in an orderly way. We have to control some emotions and feelings to develop patience. Developing patience is nothing but being free from some kind of work that bothers you.

4. What’s the most selfless thing you've done to a stranger? Why?

It is a lot tougher to answer than I thought!..

Why is it difficult to talk or write about being selfless?
While I may not have a solid conclusion, talking about being selfless feels like the opposite of being selfless.     
But, coming to the direct question… What is one of the most selfless things I have done to a stranger ?

I have never directly saved someone's life from certain death in a heroic moment, but I am certain that I have saved people from going down the wrong path, helped them heal, or find their way when they were lost. Also, there have been occasions where I've bought food for homeless people. From small things like chips, a bottle of water or a cup of coffee etc. I would say all these are done just for nothing-selflessly, If you believe me. We all can start living such lives. Then we will have a fulfilling life. At the end of our lives we can keep our heads high and smile and say-yes, I really lived.

5. How would you describe yourself to a panel of judges?

It's not easy to describe yourself in few words . But let's see how it goes… 

I believe I am very driven and life itself is making me STRONG & CAPABLE through my personal experiences. But what keeps me going are even the slightest opportunities. I am trying to find out & accomplish all that things that will add meaning to my life . Words are with what I love to play. LOVE , RESPECT ,POWER SATISFACTION, BEAUTY , WIT, WISDOM & SUCCESS are what I seek.
This journey of life is indeed very lively. My favourite part is EXPERIENCING every damn thing!!.. As it has got different shades.

You don't need to be PERFECT to INSPIRE others. But how you deal with your imperfections makes the impact.

Actually I can keep going on forever because the train of my thoughts never ceases. But I will end it here as I have taken enough of your time.

Thanks for reading!!..:-)

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