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5 questions with guest interview

Hiya! I’m Lily and I’m a freelance features writer. I’m 22 and I write about all things feminism and women’s lifestyle. You can follow me on Instagram @lilysmithwrites_98 to see all my latest articles, a couple of selfies and pictures of my cats – what’s not to love?

1. Have you ever wondered if you’ve been preaching the wrong advice to the people who badly need help? How do you make up for it?

I write from my own perspective and therefore any advice I give in my features is advice based on my experience and advice I would give to my friends, or sometimes advice my friends have given me (my girls are smart eggs). If I’ve ever recommended something controversial or based on a more serious subject, I tend to do research beforehand to avoid causing any issues for anyone. For example, I wrote a feature for FGRLS Club based on irregular periods in where I said upping my Iron intake had regulated my periods, however I made sure I stressed that consulting your doctor should always be your first step.

2. Would your terrible work environment make you want to leave your dream job? Why or why not?

It depends how bad the environment was and the impact it was having on me and my ability to actually do the job. Perhaps if the environment isn’t good maybe it’s the dream role but not the dream job.

3. How should one deal with someone who’s just so full of himself?

There’s definitely a fine line between confidence and arrogance and I’ve come across arrogant people throughout my life at school, uni and in the workplace. I often think that arrogance can come from a place of insecurity so it’s difficult to understand at times. Having a rant to my mum or my girl’s group chat is a good way to deal with an arrogant person. However, I think if it comes to a point where you have to confront an arrogant person about their behaviour it’s important to do it in a calm way because they may not even realise that their actions come across as arrogant.

4. How do you persuade a kid who doesn’t like to read to read?

I’ve always loved reading! Even from a young age my head was stuck in a book. I think making reading fun or interesting is always a good way to encourage reading. At school, I took part in paired reading schemes where the aim was to promote reading to those who didn’t enjoy it. Letting kids pick books they like the sound of and asking lots of questions while you read together was key to getting them involved in the book and keen to read more. 

5. Do you think toxic people deserve no friends at all? Why or why not?

Everyone deserves friends, I don’t know where I would be without my friends. I do think that if your friend is toxic and is creating problems for you, then it’s important to know when to distance yourself from them. You need to protect your mental health at the end of the day and if someone is making you unhappy you need to decide if the friendship is worth continuing. Sometime you have to take care of you first.


  1. Some interesting answers here! I agree with Lilys point that if its the wrong work environment then maybe its the dream role but not the dream job!

    Amber | The Unpredicted Page | https://theunpredictedpage.com