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5 questions with guest interview

Hi there lovelies, I'm Katie Yvonne from over at www.katieyvonne.co.uk 🤍 I'm a life design blogger + life coach with a passion for helping women live their best lives while achieving their dreams! The lovely Monique has invited me over to answer some questions and I'm so honoured to be featured on this amazing blog. Let's get into it!

1. Were there instances when you hated planning and setting goals? If yes, what was the reason? 

I would say that I've always loved planning and setting goals. There have been times where I've thrown a little strop over not achieving something or missing a deadline but at the end of the day, I do life better when I have plans and goals. I used to hate it when I was too hard on myself but now, I'm much kinder to myself (and more realistic) which makes it easier to love the process of planning and setting goals.

2. What can you say about women as rehabilitation centers for broken men? Do you agree? 

I do think that some people expect to be fixed in relationships. I have women quite close to me in life who have acted as rehabilitation centres for these kinds of men and it always ended up breaking both of them even more. While I do think that people can heal within relationships, I don't agree that you should go into a relationship looking for someone to fix you. Especially when in most cases, the only person capable of fixing ourselves is us. 

3. Do you sometimes find yourself in an illusion that you deserve everything you have even when you don’t? Why or why not? 

I actually find myself in the situation opposite to this one more often than not if I'm honest. I have experienced feeling undeserving of things but I can't say that I've ever really felt as though I deserve something even when I don't. I'm not sure why I experience it this way though. I don't so much think I deserve everything I have, but I am extremely grateful for everything I have and I think this may make me feel slightly more deserving at times. Practising gratitude is something I think is so important and I really try to incorporate it into my daily life.

4. Do you think someone who doesn’t love himself/herself has a shot in true love? Why or why not? 

I definitely think it's difficult to be loved by someone truly when you don't also love yourself. When we don't love ourselves properly, we tend to think that other people can't love us either so I think it's much easier to be loved by others when we also love ourselves. Speaking from personal experience, when I entered my current relationship, I didn't love myself very much. However, five years later, I can truly say I love myself and I think this has had such a positive impact on my relationship as I'm now much more confident and independent!

5. If you were given the chance to give something personal to you to the whole world, what would it be and why?

As cheesy as it sounds, I would give my experiences and my stories to people. I already try to do this through my content and coaching. I think that our stories are some of the most important things we can share with others. As humans, we rely on stories to learn, grow and explore. My story is nothing extraordinary to me but to someone else it could be the most amazing thing they've heard. Our whole life is a story and it's a privilege to get to share it with other people. So, I would share my stories with the whole world.

Before I sign off I just want to say a huge thank you to Monique for inviting me onto her page. These questions were so wonderful and thought-provoking. I hope you get some value from my answers. Again, thank you so much x

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