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5 questions with guest interview

I’m Francesca, a blogger from Warwickshire, UK, and the creator behind Francesca’s Finds. I write reviews on beauty and skincare products, with sprinkles of lifestyle and fashion on both my Instagram and blog. I am excited for what the future brings, and love working with other bloggers, so thank you Monique.


1. Would you still consider someone beautiful if she has a bad personality? Why or why not? 


This question is a hard one. Personally, personality is a big thing for me, and deciphers whether I am naturally attracted to that person as a friend or romantically. So, if they don’t have a good personality, then I naturally stop putting effort in around that person, because when you do connect with another person who has a lovely personality to be around, it is much better. However, I wouldn’t say that that person wasn’t beautiful because of their bad personality, as beauty can be viewed in many ways. 


2. Are you the type of person who enjoys the journey more than the destination? 


Journeys can be equally as exciting as getting to the destination, for sure! For me, University is a prime example of this. I studied English Literature and enjoyed both the course and living with my friends so much. I look back to my journey whilst at University and cherish it, because I grew so much as a person and attained new life skills. However, reaching the end of that time in my life and knowing I had completed a degree, was so satisfying and relieving. So, I would say both can be enjoyable for me. 


3. Do you believe in second chances? If yes, does this differ from every person? 


I do believe in second chances. Sometimes bad or hurtful things can happen, and it just has to be something you learn and grow from, obviously depending on the situation. With regards to relationships, second chances can sometimes bring you so much happiness and make connections with others even stronger. I guess you have to make that decision alone to decide how much that person brings to your life, so I would agree it does differ for every person. 


4. If you were given the chance to explore and find something ancient, would you pick the ocean or the mountains? 


Ocean! I am fascinated with the ocean and what is living out there that we are yet to discover. I love history, so this is such an interesting and fun question. Although it would be fun to explore the mountains in different countries and climates, I would have to pick the ocean, because I love learning about aquatic life. 


5. Do you think beauty pageants objectify women? Why or why not? 


I think most people would say that beauty pageants do objectify, as people mostly focus on the idea that pageants promote unrealistic beauty standards that not everyone can reach. However, I understand that beauty pageants go far deeper than that. Beauty queens represent a lot and speak up about particular societal or environmental issues that need to be spoken about. So, with regards to that, I would disagree and say they do not objectify, as competing in these competitions are empowered women, representing issues that are important to them. Thank you, Francesca. 

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