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5 questions with guest interviews

Hi, I'm Ella! I'm a blogger who writes about anything from books to lifestyle. I also love writing - novels, stories, and blogs. I'm so excited to be doing a collab with Monique! Let's dive right in, shall we?

1. What are some effective pieces of advice you want to share to aspiring writers?  

So much to say about this! I think it's really important to keep going and not give up on your ideas. Even when you begin to doubt yourself, remember that this story is your world and you can change anything you want about your story. Also - plan plan plan! Planning is such an important part of writing, and it can really help you to not hit a dead end.

2. How do you show your love to strangers without involving money? 

I usually give a friendly smile and a 'Good morning' or 'Good afternoon'. I'm quite shy around strangers on the street or on public transport, but strangely not online! I love interacting with strangers on Instagram or on my blog by commenting, starting a conversation - or doing a collab!

3. Do you believe the purpose of life is to be happy? Why or why not?

Ooh, this is a hard one! I believe that there are many purposes of life - and certainly one of them is to be happy and make others happy. Happiness is essential to wellbeing and physical and mental health, so yes, I believe it is one of the purposes of life.

4. Would you still be kind to a person who’s stabbed you in the back? Why? 

Another complicated answer! I think I would do my best to - I have had these kinds of experiences before - fake friends at school, but also in family problems. I always try to be kind to everybody, no matter what, but, honestly, it can be difficult.

5. How would you convince someone to read a book for the first time?

Oh, I know this answer by heart! How many people have I convinced to read Harry Potter for the first time...? I would tell them how much I loved the book, maybe give a couple of small spoilers with an overview of the plot - just enough to get them interested. Then I might offer to lend them my copy of the book if I had one. I love convincing people to read more.

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