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5 questions with guest interview

Cherish Angel is the creator behind SoulofPurpose.com. Her blog is all about helping women entrepreneurs improve their confidence to reach goals out of their comfort zone and to manage the stressful emotions that comes with running a business. Cherish has previously worked as a crisis counselor and is in the process of obtaining her masters as a Licensed Clinical Counselor and Marriage Family Therapist.

1. Do you think true love can be found in your twenties? Why or why not?

Yes but I think it is more possible in your mid twenties. At the time of our mid-twenties, science shows that our frontal lobe is fully developed. This means that were able to control are impulses and that we are capable of making more logical decisions. By being able to control are impulses, we become more mature in our relationships. We are able to weed out impulses of infidelity and refrain from saying things without thinking. By being capable of making logical decisions, we get better at seeing other people’s flaws. By having both qualities, we are able to refrain from making poor choices in partners.

2. What was the worst decision you ever made in your life?

I don’t really think of decisions in terms of ones that are the worst because every decision has some light to it. “Bad” decisions shaped me and has taught me so many things. But...if I were to choose, I would say that trusting a person too quickly was probably the worst decision I made. This person that I trusted after only knowing them for a week or so ended up robbing my house. Welp. Lesson learned, right?

3. How do you stop caring about someone you used to love?

If you are still caring about someone, but it’s someone that you used to love, then that would mean that you never stopped loving them and with that being said, I think you don’t ever stop caring about someone you love. It’s just that you have to put in effort so that their actions have less of an effect on your emotions. You would still care if they got hurt, but if they did something to try to hurt you, you wouldn’t give much thought to it. But in order to get to that point, it’s important first, to care more about yourself. Know your worth and stop seeking the approval of others. Use that mental energy that you would use thinking about the actions of that person and then spend that energy on finding things that make you happy.

4. If you were given the chance, would you like to know ahead the future to fulfill your purpose or go through a million mistakes before you get there?

I would probably want to know ahead in the future, even though mistakes are not necessarily a bad thing. Mistakes are something we can learn from but if there was a way to avoid mistakes, I would most likely get things done much faster. That extra time that I have can be used doing other things that I enjoy.

5. Would you still want to become a boss even when everybody hates you? Why or why not?

I don’t think so because then that would mean that I’m not truly aligned with my purpose. If you are truly aligned with your purpose, then the room would light up around you with just your presence alone. I would want to be involved in a business  where my work and what I stand for is valued and appreciated because that would also mean that I am making a positive difference.

Cherish Angel

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