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5 questions with guest interviews

Hi! I'm Amy and I run @read_between_the_lines_blog ! I'm 20 years old, live in Norwich and study English Literature at university.

My journey as a blogger started with books so you can expect lots of book reviews and recommendations from me. Since then I have branched out into talking about my life as a student, body positivity, my passion for all things feminism as well as mental health awareness and lots more.

These are all topics I'm super passionate about and I can't wait to have you on the journey with me :)

1. Would you stretch out the truth to protect someone you love? Why or why not?

This is a really difficult question! I think it depends on the situation- if it was something small potentially but if I felt there were going to be huge consequences then I don’t think I would. Unfortunately, sometimes stretching out the truth isn’t the best option- it might protect someone but it may also be the best thing for them to know the truth at some point!

2. If you could choose a plot from a book or a movie to sum up your life, what would it be and why?

Ah! Don’t make me choose!  It’s quite a stretch but maybe Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland- it’s weird and wonderful but the whole plot of someone trying to find there way in a strange but loveable world really appeals to me!

3. How would you differentiate a setback that’s a sign of growth and a setback that’s a sign of rejection?

Honestly? I often can’t! When something sets me back I often need to sit with it for a while and think of a solution or at least a way round- if I can’t find one then I know I need to start again but if I can I try and work with it. That isn’t the clearest answer but I think that sitting with a setback and seeing what you can do with it shows you how much of a ‘setback’ it really is- which usually isn’t as big as you first think.

4. Who do you remember when you’re on the brink of failure? Why?

This may sound cheesy- but my old self! I didn’t have the best time in my mid teens and I think quote often I felt like I was constantly failing. It wasn’t easy and I still struggle but I got through it- and every time I feel like I’m failing looking back and seeing where I am now helps.

5. Would you say every teenager needs to experience the typical teenage activities for him/her to have the best youth?

Absolutely not! As I have mentioned, I had a hard time as a teenager- and (I think) I have turned out ok! There is no one right way to be a teenager- you know what is best for you. The teenage years are not the be all and end all, even when they feel like it. Your whole life is ahead of you- do what feels right for you.

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