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5 questions with guest interviews

Hi guys, I am Sophia Patel from https://sophiapatel.co.uk/ and I have been blogging about lifestyle and travel for almost 6 years. Thank you to Monique for allowing me to be a part of this series - and without further ado let's get into the questions!

1. How do you manage your finances in travel?

I think it is very important to not go over budget when on holiday. It can be so easy to impulse buy and purchase a souvenir for everyone, but quite frankly it is not needed. Most of the time, your loved ones do not need a memory of where you went - they just want you to have had a good time and stay safe. 

2. If you could live in any place around the world for free, where would it be and why?

I think it would be London. Cost implications aside, it is a beautiful city with so many home comforts and so many stunning sights and side streets. 

3. Do you think travel should be one of the priorities of people in their twenties?

It depends on whether you are a homebody or someone who likes to explore. I believe that travelling enriches a person and helps you to understand different walks of life. However, travelling is not a necessity and in many cases - a luxury. 

4. How long did it took for you to build your confidence? Is it still the same as before?

It is definitely got a lot better. I have talked a lot on my blog about well-being and anxiety, and at one point, it crippled my life. I could not leave the house, go to school or face the world for that matter. Success on my blog really allowed for me to prove to others (and myself) that I can start something from scratch and do well with it. This year I have managed to double my views on last year which is a vast improvement. Even just sweet comments really help with lifting my motivation and confidence!

5. Relate freedom to three symbols from the different places you’ve been to.  

Freedom is a funny thing, the definition is different for so many people and there are so many different ways it can be depicted. Here are some of my favourites:

Barcelona / Monaco -  Flags - A sign of independence and freedom from the states that surround them. An acknowledgement of their differences and views; as well as a community of people that want to be described freely as the nationality they identify themselves as. 

Venice - Lion with wings - Freedom through identity and power, in a city thriving from democracy. 

Amsterdam - The whole city is known as the city of freedom - shown through the liberalism of the city (including the legalisation of marijuana and sexual liberalism). 

Thank you again, I hope to hear from you soon! 

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