5 questions with guest interviews

Ellie is a 21-year-old blogger from the North of England. A recent graduate of the University of York, she never has a book out of her hand and loves to write about all sorts. Her main loves are pinot grigio, Dolly Alderton and sausage dogs. She runs a travel, fashion and lifestyle blog as she navigates the highs and lows of her twenties and searches for a graduate job. You can follow her below at www.ellieblogs.com.

1. Do you believe success is more meaningful when you’re from a poor upbringing? Why or why not?

100%. Nine times out of ten, when someone is extremely wealthy, there is a great deal of nepotism that allows them to climb the career ladder without putting in the hard work and dedication that people from less privileged backgrounds must in order to achieve the same position. The privileged opportunities of the wealthy, be that education or social networking, mean that success for them is often inevitable. Often mistakes can be amended by a cheque; and advancement can be achieved the same way. When someone from a financially deprived background achieves success, after the odds have been stacked against them from the start, now that is meaningful.

2. How would you describe a fake friend?

I am quite choosy about who I am friends with and can usually sus out a “fake” person pretty easily. But I have not always been this way; I learned from my high school experiences who I could trust. In my experience, a fake friend is usually unavailable to spend time with you, they fail to support your achievements and are often MIA when you need their love and support the most. Often, they will not be above gossiping about you to others or stabbing you in the back although they will be quick to deny this. I would definitely say fake friends are a mostly teenage phenomenon but we all experience a fake friendship from time to time so it is helpful to recognise one quickly and rid them from your life.

3. Would you rather be rich but dumb or poor but smart? Why?

Definitely poor but smart. People’s financial situation can change but you cannot buy wit and intelligence! A wealthy but witless person will likely be taken advantage of, even though they themselves may be unaware of this. Under capitalism, many people have existed in poverty with unrecognised talents and their intelligence has not been utilised as it should. This is an extremely frustrating situation to be in; especially when someone of lesser intelligence has so many more opportunities simply because of their wealth. Ideally, your talents will ultimately be recognised and you will be rewarded. For these reasons, I will always value intelligence over wealth.

4. Has there been a time in your life when you were so hungry for attention?

I am a Leo so many would argue a hunger for attention is an innate part of me! Ironically, people seek attention when they feel insecure about themselves. I am no different and crave attention, usually via social media, when I need a confidence boost. But over time, I have learned this attention brings a transient pleasure that can leave me feeling quite hollow. Instead of seeking attention online, spend time with your loved ones and work on your self-confidence and I promise you will feel ten times more confident. Everyone needs validation, but it is best to find that attention from loved ones rather than strangers on the internet.

5. How different is your real life from your social media feed?

I am as guilty as the next social media user in sharing a series of streamlined pictures and content that represent me living my best life. I try and be as realistic and candid as possible, but it can be difficult on social media sites such as Instagram that demand unwavering perfection. I often post pictures from my travels whilst the rain patters against the windows in my unglamorous hometown. Sometimes, dressed in yesterday’s jeans and make-up free, I post a picture looking my best. It is not a deliberate deception however and I value showing my everyday experiences. Recently, I decided to document my experience of the acne medication roaccutane and I have found it quite challenging to post make-up free when my skin is at its worst. But recently, I have found it so refreshing and inspiring after seeing the hashtag ‘instagramvsreality’ used by many influencers. It is a thousand times more interesting than someone who fakes perfection and has inspired me to embrace the imperfect parts of myself.


  1. I like your comment that it's better to be poor and smart than rich and dumb. A poor but smart person can evolve with the changing times but a dumb person will get stuck in their fixed mind

    1. Ellie's response was so on point! Exactly! Thank you for reading.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I love reading people's answers to these kinds of questions - I agree about social media and how we tend to put our best versions of ourselves online but it's important to keep things as candid and realistic as possible too!

    Tash - A Girl with a View

    1. Indeed! Authenticity should be our priority. Thank you for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed!