5 questions with guest interviews


I’m Eleanor, a blogger from Sheffield, UK. I write posts about lifestyle topics, as well as reviewing my favourite shows, films, and books. I like to write relevant posts for other 20-somethings, and I hope my blog is the go-to place for blogging tips and entertainment reviews.


Thank you for featuring me on your site, Monique, I love collaborating with other bloggers :)

1. What is one virtue that you struggle practicing?


Patience! I like to think I’m a patient person in the main, and certainly working as a medical receptionist you have to be patient with those who need help or support. I manage to be patient there, but when it comes to my family I’m known to snap when I feel stressed or lose my patience.


During the pandemic, a lot of my relationships have involved waiting to know when I can see my boyfriend, friends, or family- and I’m definitely not patient when I want something to happen.


2. Do you believe our lives are fated?


I think sometimes to a certain extent, yes! I think it’s nice to believe that it’s fate when two people meet one another, or when an opportunity comes into your life.


However, the cynic and realist in me knows that we have to work hard and take action if we want something- you can’t always rely on fate to bring things together!

3. When is the saying “good things come to those who wait” applicable?


I think it’s actually been pretty applicable to the life of many people during the pandemic! We’ve all spent a lot of time waiting and wondering- but those who wait and follow the rules are ultimately rewarded, I think.


I’ve recently been job-hunting and working on my blog, and this saying has been applicable to this situation too. It can take a while to see results with blogging or job-hunting, and so I’ve had to be patient. Good things do come, as long as you’re putting in the hours to help them along.


4. Are you fixated on accomplishing on your goals at a certain age? If yes, why?


Definitely not! I think it’s super admirable when people are committed to personal or career-driven goals, but for me I just have certain, generic goals I’d like to achieve in my life with no specific age “deadlines”.

The only one would be that if I want to get married and have children, I'd like to have them while I'm younger rather than slightly older - but even with that I don't have any particular goals in mind. I'm a born planner, but when it comes to life goals I don't have a specific goals.  

5. Compare the future you envision for yourself to an object. Why have you chosen that?

I would choose a book! I love reading and writing, and one of my "life" goals is to traditionally publish a book - so I like to think a book or notepad would represent the future I envision for myself. Or a short story anthology - I can't decide! 


  1. Such interesting questions! I wonder about some of those things quite often, especially about my age and my goals. Thank you for doing this!


  2. Hey Monique, it was nice to read this interview with Eleanor. I love reading about the people behind the blog, and this blog post was no exception. Thanks for sharing!

    Ming Qian | Undergrad Blogger

    1. I'm glad that you like it! Thank you for reading.