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1. What are some of the goals you want to pull off before you reach 30?

One goal I really want to pull off by the time I am 30 is to become a full-time blogger and earn money from it. Another goal that I have been wanting to do for ages is, shaving my hair off and giving it to a charity! I have always wanted to do this and just to see the smile on the persons face when receiving it will make my day as I love to make people happy!

2. If you were to give any of your possessions for free, what would it be and why?

I would say I would give my Canon camera so an unfortunate young person can experience photography, blogging or vlogging with a quality camera. I would do this because ever since I have got my camera, it has allowed me to have fun, experiment with things and get out more! 

3. What is the best way to respond to rumours?

I have always struggled in secondary school with rumours, bullies, nasty comments etc. From experience, my advice would be to ignore the horrible people and don't show them a reaction like you are bothered. As hard as it seems, they will eventually stop as they will think why bother if she/he isn't giving me a response! 

4. Do you have a boyfriend? If yes, how do you take care of your relationship?

Yes, I have a boyfriend called Lewis! My advice to take care of your relationship is to spend lots of time with them but also give them space too! If there were to be any problems, just talk them through in a sensible manner! 

5. How do you win over friends who turned out as enemies? 

I'd say to rise above them! Show them that you don't need them in your life and make yourself look like you are better without them! If they try to contact you, just ignore them because those people aren't worth the space or time. 


  1. I love this! Some really great advice here and I love reading about your goals xx


  2. great post! i love reading little q&a's you get to learn so much about a person :)


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