Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines


Thecityanthropologist was definitely a lockdown project for me. I was in lockdown in Singapore for 4 months, which meant I had A LOT of time on my hands, and was the perfect time for me to start this website. Having a site like this was something I always wanted, but never had time to create until then. Thecityanthropologist is all about offering a social insight into experiences I have, but also phenomena of the world right now. I am an anthropology student myself and wanted to bring this field of study to life a bit more by making it accessible to more people. I have always loved writing and am thrilled I now have a space I can do so. 

1. Have you created art? If yes, what are you most proud of and why?

I love art! In whatever form it comes in. I've never been good at painting or anything, I'd never be able to draw something in front of me, but the kind of art I create is in writing. Something I am most proud of would probably be the play I wrote last year, which was a satire about the patriarchy and poked fun at the (sometimes) ignorant male figure. It was incredible to see my own art up there on stage, I loved it. 

2. What is something you do that you wish more people would do too? 

5 minute journaling 100%! I feel like this has helped me so much in terms of feeling more in control of my thoughts and being reflexive on my days. 5 minutes is also so short and you can really write about whatever you want. I try to focus mine of gratitude and looking back on the gratefulness of a day, which is sometimes actually really hard to do. But it's important to work your brain in that way and I feel like its changed the way I look at certain things, so I'd recommend it to anyone. 

3. What can you say to women who abuse their privilege? 

I think women are in a bit of a complicated situation. For a long time, women haven't enjoyed the same privileges as men in terms of societal assumptions that have informed our current perspectives through the 'male gaze'. A world that is seen through male dominant eyes. So to women who abuse their 'privilege', I ask then about the history of this desire to do so. Has it come from a place of repression? Maybe its time women start taking back the privilege they deserve! 

4. If you could choose a decade to live in, when would it be and why?

Tricky question... but I'd love to live in the 80s. Just before the surge of dependency on technology, but still in the midst of popping music. The 80s also seems a bit more chilled than the fast-pace 20s that we all live in now. Also no pandemic then is a major plus. 

5. How do you deal with people who disagree with your opinion?

I find criticism and disagreement hard, if I'm honest. But I feel like if it's constructive enough, it'll probably be worth hearing in the end. I think I need to remember that people disagreeing with me is not an attack on my character, but on my mere opinion, which is the critical difference. So how I deal with it is I try to be reflexive on what I'm actually hearing and try to find it useful, if I can. 


  1. Yeess, writing is also an art. People tend to forget that but it is true! Writing is a beautiful art.
    These are some great questions. I love these type of questions where you have to really get your mind thinking, it is amazing. I loved her answers, too.

    Such a lovely mini interview. :D I love this! I also have interview series on my blog but it is mostly blog related, but I love this so much :D

  2. Indeed, it is! Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.