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5 questions with guest interviews

Hi everyone, my names Olivia and I'm from olivialucieblake.com, I am a UK based Lifestyle blogger who shares tips around Mental Health, Interior designs, self-love and blogging tips just to name a few. I joined Wordpress in 2015 and started out as a beauty blogger, and after a 4 year break I came back and re-branded my blog into what it is today. 

1. What is your message for the young adults right now?

As I am still a young adult myself, I'll give my younger self some advice here. I'd say that life is too short to stay in a place that is not good for you. Whether it be a job, a relationship or a friendship or anything else. I spent so long being in a place where I was undervalued and unappreciated and it had such an impact on me as a person. Don't settle for anything less than you deserve. Because before you know it, you'll be older and you will have missed out on a large portion of your life.

Its never too late to change your mind or change your career path either. You might have gone to university to study one thing but you actually want to do something else, and that's okay. Chase your dreams!

2. We've seen you had a recent achievement of getting 2k followers on your blog! Can you walk us through the whole process on how exactly you did that?

I actually have a post here where I discussed how i went about getting those followers in just 4 months. To summarize there were several things I did. I rebranded my blog firstly. I originally was a beauty blogger and then changed my blog name and changed my whole blog niche. This helped a lot as it broadened my audience demographic. I also stick to a pretty strict schedule, i post anywhere between 6-7 days a week. Its very rare that I post less than that. I think being consistent is something that helps a lot, as it doesn't give your readers chance to forget about you. Being active on social media is really important too, you really want to get yourself out there as much as you can.

Its also really important to be sociable in the blog world. You need to build those connections and friendships with other creators to become successful. Its not easy, it takes a lot of hard work, but its worth it.

3. What makes a productive day?

Well recently I have been preparing for Blogmas. Which is where you post a Christmas themed blog post everyday in December until Christmas day. This has taken a lot of preparation and hard work. A productive day for me was writing blogmas content and creating Instagram content to go with it too. One day I think I wrote 5 or 6 posts. Which is a lot. I felt so pumped and felt like I had really accomplished something. Its a nice feeling!

On the flip side though, a productive day for me would also be a Sunday. Where I give myself time to relax and do some self-care. To me that's productive, because it sets me up for the following week.

4. What is your definition of success?

Success is different for everyone, and I always think its down to the individual. Success to me is being truly happy and content in life. Its not about how many followers you have or how much money you've got. I will be truly successful when I feel happy and content in myself and everything around me. 

Success in regards to blogging, I'm not sure what I would say the definition is. I remember saying when I hit 2k followers  I'd slow down with how many posts I do, but I can't see that happening anytime soon! I think you're successful at anything you do if you put your mind to it.

5. Who inspires you to be better each day?

I'd definitely say my faith has a huge role into me becoming a better person. I have a strong Christian faith and that helps me a lot, especially when I'm going through hard times. My brother is for sure an inspiration to me, and he always will be. He's a hard worker and has been since we were just teenagers. His work ethic is commendable and I really look up to him and look to him for advice in various things in life.