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5 questions with guest interviews

Hi Friends! I am Ms. Tee and I am profoundly happy that you are here to read a little about myself. I am a mother to a boy who keeps me on my toes every single day, but I love it! I have a career in the medical field as a Radiologic Technologist and a Mammographer. 

I began to explore the blogging life mid year, when I had to go on disability for an illness and needed time off to recover. Blogging was always something that spiked interest in me. I wanted to know how people do it, why they do it, and how do they become successful in it.... Then, I finally got the courage to begin my own blogging website, Every Blogging Thing.com

I came up with the name, Every Blogging Thing, because I have been through so much in my life that there is no way I am only going to write about a particular subject, therefore, I am a no-niche blogger with much to say and much awareness to spread as well as support and love. 

Monique and I met and we were both wowed by each other's articles/blogs that we decided to collaborate and interview one another and introduce each other to our own followers. Thank you, Monique for this opportunity!

1. What is the best advice you've received and how does this piece of wisdom impact your life today?

El dinero tiene alas. Money has wings....It wasn't until I grew up and got older that I understood the meaning behind the saying. Money comes and goes, but will never stay with you. Many times, we prioritize money over everything else, including family not realizing that money is going to leave as quickly as it comes, but family is not something that can come back once gone. This has taught me to worry less about money and the stresses that come with it and be more attentive to my life and my family. 

2. What do you think is the essence of blogging?

Blogging can help so many people, if it reaches them. The essence of blogging is sharing your thoughts, opinions, views, and experiences and hoping that someone who needs the advice or tips gets the information whether it be from reading it themselves or word of mouth from a subscriber. In some cases, blogs can open readers' minds to new perspectives concerning various subjects. Many of us are close minded or never had to think about something in another's shoes until they read an article, allowing them to grow and learn.

3. What is your greatest failure?

My divorce has been my greatest failure in my life. Not because of who I divorced, but because of the divorce itself and the meaning behind it. It showed failure of commitment. Failure to communicate. Failure to make things right. My divorce went against everything I stand for and truly believe in. It is my greatest failure and it is also my greatest fear to repeat. 

4. How would you describe a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship, in my eyes is one in which you can be yourself completely. No shame, but protection. No betrayal, but honesty. No lies, but communication. And support in everything. If someone has a bad day, gets bad news, loses a job, or whatever the case is, they should feel as if they can lean on their partner and be comforted and still feel a sense of security. They should feel safe at all times around their person and not stressed, damaged, or anxious. But rather calm, because they know that together they can make things better and everything will come out just fine. 

5. Has there been a situation in your life when you didn't follow your own advice? Why not?

Always! Always, Always! I often speak encouraging words of living happy and finding yourself, in my blogs and in conversations with friends. All the while, I am still lost. I write the blogs that I do, the way that I do, because I have either lived through it or am still trying to find my way out of that storm. I find myself, but then get lost again somewhere along the way. Consistency, I'm finding, is key, and that is one thing I have been lacking whilst trying to figure out how to balance everything else that life throws at me. I find it hard to stay consistent enough to stay on the right path, but I will figure out a way soon. 

Again, I would like to thank Monique for this interview and I look forward to doing more work with her. Thanks to all who read this and find strength to keep going regardless of what they are up against. 

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