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5 questions with guest interviews

Hi, my name is Hailey Nickai and I am 23 years old. I recently graduated with a distinction is MSc Advertising and PR Management. I have a passion for the marketing industry, which is what encouraged me to start up my social media marketing page! 

I love to keep myself busy! I run an arts events company called Art of Identity with my best friend - unfortunately the pandemic has put a hold on our upcoming events, but we will be back and running when we can! I am also a singer and actress, and currently on round 4 of the auditions for Six the Musical! This is another area of my life that the pandemic has affected...but I really hope that the arts can continue thriving!

1. What is something you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t do until now?

I’ve always wanted to manage and create content for social media! At first, I thought that I needed to work for an agency or look for a company that was specifically hiring with an ad. However, I quickly learnt that I could direct my own path, so I created a social media marketing page to attract clients! I am now doing exactly what I’ve always wanted to do, and I am excited to continue growing my page and clientele! 

2. Your marketing strategies have been very helpful to bloggers and small businesses! Could you walk us through the process of making your content on Instagram?

Thank you! The key to creating valuable content is ensuring that you are always listening to your audience because they are the ones who you are creating it for. I also live by these 3 rules when creating content - ensure that it is either valuable, entertaining or educational. 

3. How would you define a strong brand?

For me, a strong brand is when you have all of the elements that make up your brand equity. But in particular, when they have a strong brand identity and voice across all platforms. I say this because it allows consumers to have strong brand recognition and recall for your brand, which strengthens your performance as a brand.

4. Do you believe word of mouth can still be an effective way of marketing? Why or why not?

100%! It’s really effective when you are a startup business. I personally experienced this when I started an events company with my friend in Leicester city. In order to get the buzz of our events, I needed to reach further than social media. I ended up using the traditional flyering method and through this, I was able to talk directly to my target audience to better spread the word of my upcoming events. I believe that this helped to spark more conversations surrounding the event and helped to instill it into their minds.

5. When do you think is the right time for a redirection of a career path?

When you are feeling unmotivated and lacking confidence! If you are unhappy with where you are at, I say do something about it. Go on and discover what you are passionate about.

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